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Propane Gas Safety



  • DON’T TOUCH electrical switches, light matches, or use the phone.
  • GET EVERYONE OUT of the building.
  • SHUT OFF the gas valve at the outside tank, meter, or service entrance.
  • CALL your gas supplier and/or the Fire Department from a neighbour’s phone.

Pilot Light Won’t Light

Always read the appliance operating instructions before attempting to light the pilot. Your pilot light is designed not to light if there is a problem. If you have trouble lighting the pilot or keeping it lit, there is normally a safety feature preventing it from working. If it won’t light, shut off the gas and call your gas supplier.

Tampering is Dangerous

Do not force the gas control knob.  Never use tools.  Use only your hand to turn the control knob. Forcing the gas control knob may override the safety feature and allow gas to leak. This could result in a fire or explosion.

If the gas control knob becomes difficult to operate by hand, the control should be serviced by a trained gas service person.

Gas has Been Odourized

Before lighting, sniff all around the appliance area for a gas odour. Be sure to sniff next to the floor because propane gas is heavier than air and may temporarily exist at floor level.


Liquefied petroleum gas leaking from buried gas lines can lose its odour passing through soil; however, this depends on two factors. One is the type of soil and the second is the distance the gas travels through the soil.  If a leak is suspected, contact your gas supplier.

Water Damage

If your gas control has been subjected to flooding or wetting, it must be replaced immediately by a trained gas service person.