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Tree Species

The Municipal Forest is home to a wide variety of coniferous (evergreen) and deciduous (leaves drop in fall) trees.
The three main conifers found throughout the Municipal Forest are:

  • Douglas-fir
  • Western hemlock
  • Western red cedar

Picture of douglas fir close up, water droplets at the end of the needles


Less numerous conifers include:

Yellow cedar       Lodgepole pine       Western white pine       Sitka spruce       Grand fir
Amabilis fir           Subalpine fir             Mountain hemlock       Western yew

There are also many varieties of deciduous trees growing in Mission such as:
Bigleaf maple        Red alder                   Birch
Cascara                   Bitter cherry            Black cottonwood

An excellent colour guide to the trees of BC is available to be viewed online or ordered at

Education Sites and Tours

Other Education SignThere are numerous educational sites around the Municipal Forest, with sign boards describing recent forestry activities.  At the end of Bell Street (by the entrance to Rolley Lake Provincial Park), there is a short 15 minute walk describing various forest management techniques.

Just east of the Stave Dam, there is a self-guided forest interpretive trail with 10 numbered stops explaining about forest management.  A brochure can be printed here.

Tours may be arranged for post-secondary students or other groups, depending upon availability.  We will do our best to provide small tours and promote our forest management strategies, however not all requests can be accomodated.



Presentation on Municipal Forest history, facts, benefits and issues.

Just for Kids and Teachers

Here are some forestry activity sheets that you can print and enjoy at home.

coded puzzle

spot the differences

logging equipment

match the tree needles

word search puzzle


The following links are provided for further forestry information, although the City of Mission is not responsible for the content of these external web sites:

Forestry Agencies and Organizations

*Chilliwack Forest District – Provincial government Ministry of Forests and Forest Service information in the Lower Mainland.
*Forest Service Protection Branch – information about Fire Hazards, Prevention and Protection of BC’s forests
Association of BC Forest Professionals – representing BC’s Professional Foresters and Registered Forest Technologists.
Naturally:wood – your source for the facts about BC, Canada as a leading global supplier of a wide variety of wood and paper products from sustainably managed forests.
Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre – Federal government forest agency. This website has many education links including Canada’s forest types, species, common tree diseases, insects, mushrooms and forest fire weather.
Canadian Institute of Forestry – representing forest practitioners across Canada.
Coast Forest Products Association – representing the majority of licencees in the BC coastal forest industry.
Project Learning Tree – PLT Canada offers educational resources to connect the children or young people in your life to the outdoors. Learn about the key role sustainable forest management plays in the fight against climate change, explore diverse career opportunities in Canada’s green sector, encourage critical and creative thinking, and more!
Truck Loggers Association – representing independant forestry contractors in coastal BC.
BC Community Forest Association 

Forestry Institutes

University of British Columbia – Faculty of Forestry
University of Northern BC – Forestry Program
Simon Fraser University School of Resource and Environmental Management
British Columbia Institute of Technology – Renewable Resources
College of New Caledonia – Forest Resource Technology Program
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology – Natural Resources Technology
North Island College – Forestry
Selkirk College – School of Renewable Resources
Vancouver Island University – Forest Resources Technology

Education Links

Other resources:
Learn Forestry – Forestry lesson plans for teachers K-8
Canadian Forest Products Tree School – a place for kids, parents, and teachers to learn about forestry
Canadian Forests– Forestry Careers and Information
Canadian Women in Timber – A non-profit society whose purpose is to enhance and foster public understanding of BC’s forest resources and sustainable forest management
FORED BC– forest education resources for teachers, students and the public.
Tree Book– many interesting facts about and how to recognize trees of BC.
Virtual Museum of Canada – Go to this site here and then click on “Tackling the Timbers” for unique and historic photos and videos of early logging in the Mission area.
Wood Rings and The Age of Trees