City of Mission Forestry Environmental Policy

Click here for the policy, which has been approved by Council.

Environmental Management System

The City of Mission forestry operations are managed under a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) established in 2004.

The EMS provides a systematic approach to proactively assessing operations as well as identifying and risk-ranking potential environmental risks. From this, environmental policies and objectives are set and managed through the allocation of resources, training, assigning of roles and responsibilities and modifying practices, procedures and processes. Core elements of the EMS system are based on the principle of Plan-Do-Check-Act Diagram and the concept of continual improvement. Select the link to view the existing Sustainable Forest Management Plan for TFL 26.

Use of Resource Professionals

Various resource professionals are part of the team that address the forest resource issues in TFL 26 resulting from legislation, the need to ensure comprehensive, full and sustainable forest resource management occurs or due diligence. These resource professionals consist of:

  • Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) and Registered Forest Technologists (RFT) are on staff or are hired on a consulting basis to make frequent forest management decisions.
  • Registered Professional Biologists (RPBio), Professional Engineers (PEng), Professional Geoscientists (PGeo), Archaeologists and Professional Agrologists (PAg) are hired occasionally on a consulting basis to perform work related to their respective fields regarding fish, wildlife, their habitat, riparian management, ecology, forest roads and bridges, slope stabilty, soils, water, First Nations interests and archaeological resources.