Trails in Mission, BC

The Forestry Department maintains 11 recreation trails within the Municipal Forest for hiking or mountain biking, and in partnership with the Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association, oversees another 40+km of trails on Bear and Red Mountains. Where trail signage indicates use, horses may be permitted, however most trails are closed to horse use due to the unsuitable soils.  Some trails also have been designated as hiking only due to environmental reasons.

Some of the municipal forest logging roads access wonderful viewpoints of Mission and Stave Reservoir and are welcomed to be used during non-industrial times for recreation purposes.

A new overview trail map is available at the VISITOR INFO CENTRE on Lougheed Highway, at City Hall (8645 Stave Lake Street) or our office at 33835 Dewdney Trunk Road.

Please respect the many other users on the trails at all times. Pack your garbage out and leash and pick up after your dog to keep the areas clean for your return visit, prevent user conflicts, and to prevent bears from visiting the area. Refrain from short-cutting on trails because it causes erosion and destroys the vegetation.

Hiking Trails In Mission

Devil’s Lake Trail and Rolley Falls Trail (Hiking only)
Distance:  Rolley Falls – A MODERATE 2 km loop trail for day-use to Rolley Falls. Starts along Burma Road (Florence Lake Forest Service Road) approximately 2. 7 km from Stave Dam.
Distance:  Devil’s Lake – An EASY 330 meter trail to the Devil’s Lake day use area. Starts along Burma Road (Florence Lake Forest Service Road) approximately 4.6 km from Stave Dam.

Doreen’s Trail at Pike’s Pond & Steelhead Trails (Hiking only, Environmentally Sensitive Wetland)
Rating: Easy
Distance:  2.2 km route trip walk from the yellow gate at the end of Johnson Street.
Other trails in Steelhead off Campbell Street are also shown including trip km.  

Hayward Reservoir Trail (Hiking only)  ***CLOSED DUE TO LANDSLIDES*** effective December 1.  BC Hydro is working to restore Hayward and Railway Trails.  This could take up to 1-2 months.
Rating: Moderate
Distance:  Approximately 10 km (depending on starting point) following the east side of the Reservoir.
Starts on either east side of Hayward Dam (lower) or on the east of the Stave Dam (upper) on Dewdney Trunk Road. Can join the BC Hydro ‘Railway Trail’ for a return trip (18km).  Please check the BC Hydro website recreation section for trail closures at the Hayward Dam/Hairsine Inlet.  Full route is mainly closed for 2013.

Hoover Lake Trail (Hiking only)
Rating: ModerateStrenuous
Distance:  A 7.4 km return trip to the lake via logging road and trail. Additional trail built around the west side of the lake and joining the logging road.
Starts across from the Municipal Landfill on Dewdney Trunk Road.

Mt. Crickmer Trail –  (Hiking only)
Rating: Difficult
Distance: A 17.6 km return trip to Mt. Crickmer. Starts at Kearsley Road approximately 6.9 km along Burma Road (Florence Lake Forest Service Road) from Stave Dam. This is an undesignated, unmaintained back country route to the summit.  Hike 7.5 km on active and permanently deactivated logging road to the trailhead and another 1.3 km to the summit of Mt. Crickmer. Trail is steep with some rope sections, therefore not suitable for bikes or horses.

Stave Dam Forest Interpretation Trail (Hiking only) *Best printed on 81/2″x14″ paper
Rating: Moderate with steep sections
Distance: A 1.6 km self-guided interpretive trail describing forest management activities on the Municipal Forest.
Starts on Dewdney Trunk Road just east of the Stave Dam.
Red Mt. Loop Trail – see Red Mt. Trail Network below.  The Loop portion of the trail is an environmentally sensitive area, therefore designated as hiking only

Multi-Use (Non-Motorized) Trails in Mission

Saunders Trail
Rating: Easy
Distance: A 500 meter loop trail starting on Saunders Street (off Richards Ave) across from parking lot.  New trail called Rock N Roll forks inside the Saunders loop trail, for beginner mountain bike training area for kids.

Bear Mt overview sign (Multi-use, non-motorized)
Rating: ModerateStrenuous
Distances:  Trails of various lengths starting at Mill Pond on Dewndey Trunk Road, and Saunders Street. Due to the size of the area, ensure you carry a map and have adequate time available to explore the area.   ~ PARKING LOT AVAILABLE  – PLEASE DO NOT PARK ACROSS FROM or IN FRONT OF PRIVATE RESIDENCE ~

Red Mountain overview sign (Multi-use, non-motorized)
Rating: Moderate-Strenuous
Distances: Trails of various lengths plus linked by the logging road network starting from Dewdney Trunk Road at Mill Pond or Caswell Road.  Due to size of the area, ensure you carry a map and allow adequate time to explore.

Trail Maintenance and Construction

There are many unmarked trails that are not built or maintained by the City of Mission. Our forestry trails are signed at the trail head and marked throughout the route with orange reflective markers. Please avoid any unmarked trails if you are not familiar with the area as you could quickly become lost.

Please report all maintenance issues promptly to: or by calling 604-820-3762.

Unauthorized trail building within the Municipal Forest is not permitted, due to the environmental impacts on soils and fish and wildlife habitat and private property issues that can result from a poorly planned, poorly constructed and unmaintained trail systems. We have long term forest management objectives in most areas.  In general, our trails are not maintained during the winter due to low use. Cleanup of areas that experienced winter storm damage is completed in the spring or as the need arises. If you notice damage to any bridges, structures or large trees across trails, please feel welcome to report the location to our office at any time at 604-820-3762.

Unauthorized trail construction and tree cutting is in contravention of the Forest and Range Practices Act (Section 52 & 57) and could result in penalties up to $100,000.