SAFE Company certification is a major forest industry safety initiative in BC.

In December 2006, the City of Mission’s Forestry Department became one of the first 16 company/agencies in BC to be SAFE Company certified. We are currently working with our contractors to ensure they also become SAFE Company certified when they work in our operation.

Why this program? An unacceptable safety record has generally been a long-term problem in BC’s forest sector. The cost of poor safety is too high for families, co-workers and businesses. While the City of Mission’s own forest safety record has been better than most, we have decided that the SAFE Companies program is an important resource for managing our overall forest safety issues. The SAFE Companies program provides forest companies with clear, practical and achievable standards so that they can establish and maintain successful health and safety programs.

More information on this program can be found on the BC Forest Safety Council’s website located at