Visiting a Working Forest


Visiting TFL26

The City of Mission has the unique status of having the first and only municipally held Tree Farm Licence (TFL26) in BC from 1958 until the early 90s.  The total area of the Municipal Forest is 10,900 hectares or about 27 times the size of Stanley Park.  12% is owned by the City of Mission and the remaining 88% is Crown land.   Our allowable annual cut is 60,000 m³ or approximately 80 hectares per year.

When visiting the Municipal Forest please be aware that throughout the year we have many active operations that include tree falling, harvesting trucking, road construction, grading, drilling and blasting, tree planting, surveying, manual brushing and weeding, spacing, recreation maintenance, fertilization and address a number of safety issues that arise from time to time.

For safety reasons, the public may not enter specific areas or go through any open gates at any time.  Gates can be closed at any time, leaving you locked in for the night.  WorksafeBC safe work sites limit access to authorized personnel only.

Occasionally some recreational trails may also be temporarily closed for safety reasons.  Please call our office at 604-820-3762 for alternative recreation sites and trails to use during temporary closures.

No forest products (including dead or downed trees, firewood, botanical products like moss, branches, plants, or seedlings) may be removed at any time without a permit issued by our office.  Permits may or may not be issued depending on the request and the availability of supply.  Christmas tree cutting is strictly prohibited at all times, due to our legislated reforestation obligations.  There are also many long term research trials established throughout the Municipal Forest and monitoring and measurement occurs regularly.  Cutting trees or removing forest products may interfere with long term research.


Florence Lake Forest Service Road/Burma Road

EXPECT HIGH USE AT ALL TIMES!  Expect logging trucks, grader, and dump truck traffic throughout the year.  Loaded trucks require longer braking distances.  Pull over and allow trucks the right of way at all times.   The gate located at the start of this road at the junction with Dewdney Trunk Road is normally left open but may be closed during certain high forest fire hazard periods in the summer or at other times for security, safety or road construction reasons.



If you notice any unusual, suspicious or malicious activities in the Municipal Forest, please call our office at 604-820-3762, or if more serious or in progress call the police at 911.  Please provide as much detail as possible (vehicle licence, description, activity).
Fire Prevention
If you spot a forest fire or smoke in the Municipal Forest area, call:
911 or *5555 on your cell or  1-800-663-5555
City of Mission Forestry Dept.: 604-820-3762