Drop-in Skating & Ice Sports

Our arena is a fun place to play! Lace up your skates and join us for a variety of drop-in skating sessions that run September-March with limited sessions over spring break and into April. Skate, cleat & helmet rentals available, sizes limited.

  • Public Skate (All ages)
  • Discount Skate (All Ages)
  • Slow Paced Skate (All Ages)
  • Youth Skate (12-18yrs)
  • Parent & Child Hockey (4-8yrs & parent/caregiver)
  • Child Drop-in Hockey (9-12yrs)
  • Youth Drop-in Hockey (13-18yrs)
  • Adult Drop-in Hockey (19+)
  • Women’s Drop-in Hockey (19+)

Skating Sessions – Considerations & Guidelines

Fall Skating Schedule



Drop-in Skating Sessions

Drop-in Skating Sessions

  • Public Skating: This is a leisure skating session for skaters of all ages and abilities. For safety reasons hockey playing and figure skating (jumps/tricks) are not permitting during Public Skate. Helmets are recommended for all skaters. Infants in strollers equipped with a 5-point harness are permitted on the ice. 
  • Discount Skating Session: This is a leisure skating session for skaters of all ages and abilities but with a discounted rate.
  • Slow Paced Skate: An all ages discounted skate on half the ice with the focus on getting your feet underneath you. Perfect for tots, new skaters and those just looking to go slow. Numbers limited, rentals available.
  • Youth Skate: This is a leisure skating session just for youth age 12-18 years.

Drop-in Skating Guidelines

For your safety & enjoyment please follow the guidelines:

  • skates or cleats must be worn on the ice surface
  • CSA approved helmets are recommended
  • strollers are permitted provided children are belted in a five point harness
  • hockey sticks or pucks are not permitted
  • wear the supplied wristband and ensure it is visible
  • players benches & penalty boxes are out of bounds for skaters
  • report all injuries, accidents and concerns to skate patrol
  • follow the speed and direction of Skate Patrol
  • all skaters must adhere to the Mission Leisure Centre Code of Conduct

For safety reasons, the following actions are NOT permitted:

  • skating too fast or backwards
  • walking on the ice with shoes
  • carrying children while skating
  • inappropriate use of ice scooters (sitting on them, pushing people around, turning them on their sides)
  • throwing snow balls
  • eating & drinking on the ice
  • skating in chains

Drop-in Hockey Sessions

Drop-in Hockey is a designated time for you to lace up your skates, bring your stick and shoot the puck around with some friends. We have sessions organized by age to do our best to facilitate safety.  As it is a drop-in program there is no guarantee of skill level and as a result it is important that play is tailored to be inclusive and is respectful of everyone’s abilities. Safety and the enjoyment of all participants is our first priority and thus all Drop-In Hockey sessions are non-contact. All participants must provide their own gear and pay/scan their pass at reception and receive a wrist band to play. 

  • Parent & Child Hockey (4-8yrs & parent/caregiver)
  • Child Drop-in Hockey (9-12yrs)
  • Youth Drop-in Hockey (13-18yrs)
  • Adult Drop-in Hockey (19+) – Goalies play for free
  • Women’s Drop-in Hockey (19+) – Goalies play for free

Equipment Required: 

  •  Parent & Child Hockey Sessions:

Parent/Adult: Helmet, glove & stick

 Child: Helmet with cage, gloves & stick

  •  Children & Youth Drop-in Hockey Sessions: Full gear & helmet with cage required
  • Adult & Women’s Drop-in Hockey Sessions: Full gear & helmet required

Full Gear: 

For the purpose of this drop-in hockey sessions, “full gear” includes the following:

  • Helmet (Cage required for under 19 yrs)
  • Neck guard
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Hockey pants
  • Shin pads
  • Gloves
  • Skates
  • Stick

Please note: Rental equipment is not available for Drop-in Hockey sessions.

Code of Conduct

The Mission Leisure Centre facility’s Code of Conduct guides all activities in all our facilities. 

We strive to ensure that all persons are treated with dignity, respect, honesty & fairness. It is everyone’s responsibility to report witnessed misconduct. Behaviour will not be tolerated, ignored or condoned if it is:

  • Aggressive, offensive, abusive or harassing
  • Interferes with another person’s enjoyment of the recreation facilities
  • Impedes staff’s ability to conduct business

Together we make recreation safe.

Skate, Cleat & Helmet Rentals

The Mission Leisure Centre Skate Shop has skates, ice cleats and helmets available for rental during your drop-in skating session and lesson times. Please note, rental equipment is not available for Drop-in Hockey sessions.

Sizes are limited so for busy drop-in sessions it is advised to come early.

Rentals Fees:

  • Skates & Cleats: $4.00
  • Helmets: $1.00
    tax is included

Skate sharpening services are not available at this time.