The Weight Room is open!

Weight Room Hours 

Monday-Friday: 5:30am-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am-8:00pm

Youth ages 13 to 15 may only attend the Weight Room (drop-in admission/membership required) during the hours of:

Monday-Friday  3:00pm to 5:00pm
Sat & Sun 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Youth ages 13 to 15 year are permitted to use Weight Room outside of Teen Hours if attending with adult/18+ supervision or have taken the Teen Introduction to Weight Training program.

Do not use - leave empty
What to Expect

Upon Arriving

  • Participants will enter through the main doors of the Leisure Centre.
  • If you are feeling ill, please stay home.

During your visit

  • After check-in, participants will be supplied with their own individual disinfectant bottle and paper towel.

*Processes subject to change

Weight Room Guidelines
To ensure your safety and enjoyment please observe the following:

Youth ages 13 to 15 may only attend the Weight Room (drop-in admission/membership required) during the hours of:

Mon to Fri 3:00PM to 5:00PM
Sat & Sun 12:00PM to 3:00PM

Youth ages 13 to 15 year are permitted to use Weight Room outside of Teen Hours if attending with adult/18+ supervision or have taken the Teen Introduction to Weight Training program.

Please wear proper attire
-shirts and supportive shoes must be worn
-use a perspiration towel

Avoid dropping weights. Use collars/clips with barbells.

Please return all weight dumbbells & equipment to their proper locations after use.

Gym Bags are not permitted in the Weight Room and must be placed in the cubbies provided. Please us the wallet lockers for valuables.

Stay hydrated and avoid over-exertion

Refrain from multiple sets and limit your time on cardio and in the free weight area when others are waiting

Spray and wipe equipment before and after use with the spray bottles and paper towel provided

The use of perfumes, colognes and other scented products is not permitted

For your own safety, customers with heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy or other medical conditions are to advise a weight room attendant prior to using the facilities

Please report injuries or safety concerns to the weight room attendant

Weight Room - Orientations
Join us in the Weight Room for a small group tour (2 people max), introduction to the weight room guidelines and machines. After the 30 minute orientation you can continue your workout! View the dates and times available and book your orientation online

Personal Training
One on one training with one of our registered Fitness Professionals. Your session will include introduction and discussion time with the trainer and the on the floor active time will be 55 minutes.

Whether you’re a workout veteran or a fitness rookie, our registered personal trainers will give you the edge you need to meet your fitness goals. They work to simplify & vary your workout routine and create a tailored fitness plan that works with your with your unique abilities & needs while stressing safety and proper technique. Before participating in fitness it is recommended to review the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+)

Weight Training Attendant

Although new to the Mission Leisure Centre team, Katie started her fitness journey a couple of years ago as a self-proclaimed “overweight, sedentary office worker”. She was incredibly fortunate to find an amazing personal trainer with compassion, empathy, knowledge, and willingness to help her through her personal challenges.

As Katie worked towards her weight loss goals, she found how much of an impact her trainer really made in her journey which led to her newfound passion for not only fitness but maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Katie realized how she wanted to help others the way she was helped; to help others find their own self-worth and passion within this great community.

Katie is now a fully certified ACE Personal Trainer, very eager and excited to put all of her dedication and hard work into making others truly believe in themselves and push to limits they did not know existed.

Weight Room Attendant, Pilates/Aqua Fit Instructor & Personal Trainer

Marina joined the Fitness team at Mission Leisure Centre in April 2007.  As a long-time team member, Marina has worked in many areas of our department including our Weight Room as an attendant and Personal Trainer, our pool as an Aqua Fitness instructor, and in our Studio leading a number of Land-based classes such as TRX, Pilates, and Spin.

Marina brings a passionate approach to leading participants to achieve enhanced health and well-being. Her added knowledge in nutrition and rehabilitation have supported her in ensuring that health be approached as a whole.

Helping people to become the best version of themselves is my passion.

Aqua Fit/Land Instructor, Weight Training Attendant & Personal Trainer

Tawnya Church joined the City of Mission Fitness team in 2021 and holds designations in Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness, Weight Training, Personal Training, Zumba and Active Aging.

Tawnya started her fitness journey after realizing that something was missing in her life… her love of fitness and sports!  Being a busy mom of 2 girls makes it hard to fit it all in all the time.  Now that they are bigger, it was time for her to follow her passion again.

Office worker for many years and a stay at home mom this once very active athlete in many sports decided it was time for a change in 2013.  Starting with Zumba because she loves to dance and loved the feeling a Zumba workout gave her and wanted to share that with all she could.  Pushed by her Mentor, Sue, she took the plunge and got all her certifications through CFES for many of her designations to be able to share with more people.

Fitness makes her happy.  She really wanted to share that happiness with others especially the elders and people getting back into fitness that may feel intimidated.  With a soft, friendly approach and an at-your-pace fitness process, Tawnya has helped many enjoy getting to the fitness level that they desire.

I look forward to helping many reach their goals, whether in our Weight Room or in one of our Land or Aqua Fitness classes!

When not at the gym, she is boating with her family in the summers, skiing in the winters and playing softball or volleyball, or coaching her daughter’s hockey and softball teams.

Weight Room Attendant, Yoga Instructor, & Personal Trainer

Hiroe joined the City of Mission Fitness team in 2021, and holds designations in Weight Training, Personal Training, Yoga Training, and Older Adult Training with BCRPA.Hiroe has been working as a fitness trainer for over 12 years.  Her specialty has been working with older adults. Hiroe has a special approach to supporting people in their quest to become healthier and happier through regular exercise.  Hiroe believes that getting fitter does not have to be difficult. Not everyone is an athlete and we all have different fitness levels.  Hiroe’s belief is that the most important thing is to feel good and have a sense of accomplishment through exercise.

Some personal fitness activities Hiroe participates in include: mini triathlons, 5 Peaks trail runs, and Grouse Grind hikes.  Hiroe also speaks Japanese and is learning Spanish right now.  In her free time, she enjoys golfing, hiking, gardening, hot yoga, and walking with her dog.

You can set simple realistic goals and I will be there to support and motivate you along the way!

Weight Training Attendant and Land & Yoga Instructor

Nataliia joined the City of Mission Fitness team in 2021, as a Personal Trainer, Weight Room Attendant, Land & Yoga Instructor, and Pre-Postnatal Fitness Specialist.As a long-time contributor to the fitness industry since 2008, Nataliia uses a holistic approach to fitness, embracing the concept of balance and looking at something as a ‘whole’. The quest for total fitness creates a beneficial domino-effect of increased health, mental clarity, awareness, and improved self-esteem. You become completely happy with the person staring back in the mirror.

If you are ready for a positive change, Nataliia is pleased to help you realize what your body is capable of and guide you on your way towards transformation. Her specialties include: body fat loss, toning/sculpting, building muscle mass, improving flexibility/mobility, corrective exercise for muscular imbalances/posture deviations, women’s wellness (pre/post natal, pelvic floor, diastasis recti, etc), as well as mindfulness and relaxation.

My greatest passion in life is to help people achieve their fitness/health goals, improve their lifestyle and overall well-being.

Click here to sign up for a $48+tax personal training session today!

Fitness Classes

Pre-registration is required for Land classes. Registration opens 5 days in advance and can be completed online Schedule is subject to change.

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