Field Conditions


The Field Conditions page reports on the overall conditions of the city’s outdoor athletic sports fields. Information is gathered on the sports field assets as they relate to the safety and playability for the outdoor sports community. See below for status definitions.


Please note that School Fields follow the same procedure and are considered the same status as the City fields.




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Field Status Notes
Hatzic Open  
Leisure Centre Ball Diamond Open Approved Bookings only
Silverdale Open  
Sports Park – Field #1 Closed Reopening 2024
Sports Park – Field #2 Closed Reopening 2024
Sports Park – Field #3 Open  
Sports Park – Field #4 Open  
Sports Park – Field #5 Open  
Sports Park – Field #6 Open  
Sports Park – Field #7 Open  
Sports Park – Field #8 Open  
Sports Park – ATF West Half #9 Open  
Sports Park – ATF East Half #10 Open  
Sports Park – ATF Warm-Up Field Open  



Inspected sports fields are either recorded as Open or Closed. Please ensure coaches do not warm up goalies in the goal area.


An Open sports field is available for current user groups as allocated by the Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture Department. Even though sports fields are designated open, pre-game field checks must be completed by the referee and coaches to verify the safety and playability of the turf surface at that time. Fields that have acquired unsafe conditions since the last inspection or are in a position to sustain significant surface damage should be closed at that time.


A Closed status indicates the field is unavailable for play until the next inspection date. Occasionally some closed sports fields can be reversed upon the verbal authorization of designated City of Mission staff if environmental and/or playability considerations warrant. Weather conditions/forecasts should be taken into consideration when fields are in less than a satisfactory condition for play.  Please consider the safety of the athletes when deciding to use a field.   Standing water and/or muddy, mushy conditions are good indicators that marginal fields should not be played on until surface conditions improve substantially.


Mission Parks & Trails



Bailey Park – Located on Bailey Place.

Blott Park – Located at Blott Street and Lamont Avenue.
Fenced open space, waste receptacle.

Centennial Park – Located at 11th Avenue and Taulbut Street.
Tennis courts, lacrosse box, paved trails, running trail, play structure (6-12 age), picnic tables, washroom, park signage, waste receptacles, fencing, benches, and an off leash dog area.

College Heights – Located on 11th Avenue. Picnic tables and waste receptacles.

Dr. Humes Memorial Park – Located at Hurd Street and Pleasantview Crescent. A paved path, picnic shelter, picnic tables, benches, waste receptacles, fencing, washroom, parking and signage.

Fenn Park – Located at 3rd Avenue and Ryan Street.
Play structure (6-12 age), picnic table, waste receptacle, benches, fencing, and park signage.

Fraser River Heritage Park –  Located on 5th Avenue just East of Stave Lake St.
The Fraser River Park is the largest park in Mission and plays host to several events and activities. Play structure, picnic tables, shelter, walking trails and washrooms are some of the amenities you will find here.

Gary McDonald Park – Located at the end of Bobcat Drive (west).  Play structure (0-5 years), park signage, waste receptacle.

Griner Park – Located at Cherry Avenue and Cedar Street.
Play structure (6-12 age), park signage, sand volleyball courts, fencing, school access path, and waste receptacles.

Jack Poole Harbourside Park – Located at Harbour Avenue and Abbott Street.
Picnic tables, waste receptacles, washroom, parking and park signage.

Hatzic Park – Located at Draper Street and Weaver Crescent.
Two softball diamonds, waste receptacles, washroom, parking, fence, and park signage.

Jack Wade Park – Located on Veres Terrace.
Play structure (6-12 age), benches, and waste receptacle.

Kinsmen East Park – Located at 7th Avenue and Murray Street.
Play structure (0-5 age), fenced, washroom, parking, and signage.

Kinsmen West Park – Located at 7th Avenue and Hurd Street.
Play structure (5-12 age), fenced, picnic tables, benches, waste receptacles, paved path, and park signage.

Knightview Park – Located at Barnett Avenue and Knight Avenue.
Play structure (5-12 age), school access path, bench, waste receptacle, and park signage.

Lightburn Park – Located at Christie Avenue and Phelps Avenue.
Play structure (6-12 age), picnic tables, bench, waste receptacle, and park signage.

Mission Rotary Sports Park – Four baseball diamonds, four slo-pitch diamonds, four soccer fields, two all-weather fields, field houses, parking, waste receptacles, play structure, washrooms, team rooms, referee rooms, concession, caretaker residence, parks signage, baseball and soccer storage, and batting cage.  Click here for field conditions.

Ogle Park – Located at Badger Avenue and Beaver Drive.
Play structure (6-12 age), park signage, fenced and waste receptacle.

Ruskin Park – Located at Ruskin Crescent.
Play structure (6-12 age), waste receptacles, and park signage.

Silverdale Park – Located at Donatelli Road and McLean Street.
Softball diamond (converts to soccer in winter), running trail, fenced, waste receptacles, and washroom.  Click here for field conditions.

Spray Park – Located at the Mission Leisure Centre, 7650 Grand Street
The Spray Park is open 10am-8pm , 7 days a week from May 13 until the September long weekend.

Stewart Park – Located at Wren Street and Stewart Street.
Swingset, waste receptacles, fencing, and picnic table.

Tom Jones Park – Located off Fennel St at the end of Mitchell Ave.  Large open space park with large play structure (6-12 age), waste receptacles, and park signage.

Wren Park – Located at Silverhill Street and Wolfe Street.
Slo-pitch diamond, picnic shelter, picnic tables, waste receptacles, fenced, parking, and washroom.

Mission Regional Parks

A list of the regional parks within the City of Mission.

Cascade Falls Regional Park Part of the Fraser Valley Regional District Park System, the park is located just east of Mission, 14kms north on Sylvester Road.  The park features a 28-meter waterfall with a moderately difficult trail leading to a viewing platform.

Matsqui Trail Part of the Metro Vancouver Regional Park System, the park is located underneath the south end of the Mission Bridge.  The park features 26 km of trails that are suitable for hiking, horseback riding, and cycling.  The park also features 4 unserviced campsites.

Neilson Regional Park This 10-hectare park, located on the west side of Hatzic Lake, has become the major public park on the lake.  The eastern exposure of the park offers a magnificent view across Hatzic Lake and up the Fraser Valley to Mount Cheam and the Cheam Ridge.  Neilson Park is popular for large picnics and organized gatherings, nature viewing, and beach activities.  A small run of Chum salmon, which arrive in early November, spawn in Draper Creek that runs through the park.  Neilson Park has full facilities with two toilets, water, a picnic shelter, and 18 picnic tables.

Dewdney Nature Regional Park This 7-hectare nature park is located outside the dyke on the east side of River Road South. This site provides an excellent location for bar fishing along the Fraser River and is used extensively by local fishermen. A boat launch is available on site. Dewdney Nature Park also provides an assembly area for walking along the nearby Dewdney Dyke.

Fraser River Heritage Park 
Fraser River Heritage Park is located in one of the most beautiful locations found anywhere. The site is home to many community events including the Canada Day Celebrations, Old Car Sunday, the Folk Festival, Celebration of Community event, and weekly Wednesday evening concerts during the summer months. The park is also visited regularly by local residents for the sheer enjoyment of the setting.  The Norma Kenney House includes a gift shop, restaurant, and administrative offices. The park also houses the historic ruins of St. Mary’s Mission and Indian Residential School.

Devils Lake Devils Lake is located approximately 5 km north on the Florence Lake Forest Service Road.  This is a natural site, with no picnic facilities.  Caution – beach area has a steep drop off into the lake.

Rolley Lake Provincial Park  Rolley Lake is part of BC Parks and is located off Bell Street in North Mission.  A wide variety of activities and facilities are available.

Hayward Lake This recreation site is part of BC Hydro’s park facilities and offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities including swimming and fishing. Click on the above link for more information on this area.

Forest Trails & Recreation Areas

Parks, Recreation & Culture operates and maintains a great network of parks and trails throughout our community. There are also many forest trails and recreation areas managed through the Forestry department.