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About Purchasing

The City of Mission Purchasing Department provides assistance and leadership for all City departments in order to procure various capital assets, goods and services in a timely and efficient manner. Our goal is to obtain the best value for the City, while ensuring compliance to policies, laws and regulations. The Purchasing Department is responsible for:

  • Overseeing competitive bid processes
  • Advertising of competitions
  • Surplus/seized materials disposal
  • Central stores warehouse operations

Competitive Bid Process

The City operates under a hybrid centralized/decentralized procurement model. The Purchasing Department centralizes the policy and procedures for the City and assists departments, to varying degrees, administering the various competitive bid processes.

Surplus/Seized Materials Disposal

The Purchasing Department seeks to maximize the proceeds from surplus equipment, supplies and police recovered goods by means of public auction.

Central Stores

The Purchasing Department operates the City’s Central Stores Warehouse Operation. This Department stocks commonly used goods and materials including critical use items at our warehouse facility on site. This includes shipping, receiving and support services for our full service shop that services all City owned equipment, machinery and vehicles, including heavy machinery.