Invasive Species & Plants


Invasive species are plants and animals not native to an area. Left unchecked, they can crowd out native species, resulting in ecosystem changes and environmental damage. Some also pose a health and safety risk. The Provincial Weed Control Act designates certain invasive plants as “noxious weeds”, and makes property owners and occupiers responsible for their control.

Noxious weeds of particular concern for health and safety reasons are the Knotweeds (Giant, Japanese, Bohemian and Himalayan) and Giant Hogweed.

The City has been fulfilling its obligation under the Weed Control Act by hiring a contractor to control Knotweed and Giant Hogweed on public property and along roadways.

Private property owners are strongly encouraged to address infestations on private lands by either seeking direction on how to control these noxious weeds themselves, or hiring a contractor to do so.

The Fraser Valley Invasive Species Society (FVISS), a local non-profit society, is available to provide free advice or conduct control efforts at property owners’ expense. The FVISS can be reached by email or by calling 778-548-3847.

For additional information on the South Coast Conservation Program’s “Nature Stewards Program,” and obtaining a free ecological assessment to see how your property may be enhanced for habitat, please visit our online Environmental Community Initiatives. Enhancement work is free for properties that are found suitable, and may include planting of native species.

Invasive species common to Mission