Climate Change & Air Quality


Climate change poses a global threat to the planet's livability, affecting our way of life, the economy, and the environment. Scientific evidence points to the burning of fossil fuels as the primary cause, releasing greenhouse gases that disrupt the Earth's natural balance and trap excessive heat in the atmosphere.

Understanding Greenhouse Gases:

Greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO2), trap heat within the Earth's atmosphere, causing global warming. Human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels and landfill waste decay, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Challenges of Global Warming:

Addressing global warming is crucial for our generation. The response will not only impact the environment but also shape the future of our economy, society, communities, and way of life.

City of Mission's Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

  1. Smart Growth principles in the Official Community Plan focus on sustainability, alternative energy sources, and protecting environmentally sensitive areas.
  2. Installation of 14 electric vehicle charging stations and introduction of electric vehicles in the city fleet.
  3. Bi-weekly garbage collection encourages composting, reducing landfill gas emissions.
  4. Energy retrofits and efficiency upgrades in municipal buildings.
  5. Zoning Bylaw review to mandate electric vehicle charging in new residential parking.
  6. Construction of a used oil collection facility at the Mission Recycling Depot.
  7. Water conservation efforts, LED street lighting, and promotion of pedestrian-friendly communities.
  8. Planning for increased transit options with a new BC Transit maintenance facility.

Corporate vs. Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

  • Corporate emissions: Emissions from city services, buildings, and vehicles.
  • Community emissions: Emissions from homes, businesses, vehicles, and solid waste. The city has set reduction targets for both in its Official Community Plan.


The Local Government (Green Communities) Statutes Amendment Act and the Climate Action Charter drive the city's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Mission actively aligns with these initiatives, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future. For more information, visit our online Environmental Community Initiatives page.