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What is a Community Excellence Award?

The Community Excellence Award is a new award which will recognize and honour citizens who, through their achievements and extraordinary efforts, have made exemplary contributions regionally, provincially, nationally and/or internationally in the fields of Arts & Culture, Academics or Humanitarian.

Who determines the winner of this Award?

A Review Committee appointed by City Council will make recommendations to Council.

How do you nominate someone for this Award?

Nominations may be made by anyone (with the exception of themselves and direct family members) along with references and background information on the designated application form.  Nominations will be reviewed each Fall for the upcoming year.  The link to the form below provides detail on criteria required to win the award, and to nominate someone.

Why nominate someone?

Mission is full of talent! Many individuals with this talent live in the community or call Mission home and have gone on to do great things, provincially, nationally or internationally.  We want to recognize and celebrate this local home grown talent.

Interested in nominating a person or group? Visit Mission Community Excellence Awards for more details. Nominations close February 15th, 2021.