Mission Bridgehead Investment Corporation Seeks Directors


Mission Bridgehead Investment Corporation (MBIC) is a newly formed municipal development corporation that has been established to stimulate economic development and employment growth within the City of Mission.

MBIC is currently seeking dynamic and skilled leaders in the real estate and land development sectors to serve on its Board of Directors. Submissions will be accepted until close of business on May 3, 2024.

MBIC’s mandate includes:

  • Acting as a catalyst for creating market interest and investment in priority areas of the City;
  • Accelerating business-related and priority land development activities in the City;
  • Increasing and/or maximizing employment development opportunities within the City;
  • Recommending and supporting land acquisitions in support of the City’s vision for strategic areas of Mission;
  • Leveraging and adding significant value to City and MBIC owned real estate prior to its sale and/or lease;
  • Diversifying the tax base of the City through its business activities; 
  • Achieving and delivering on the vision established for Mission’s neighbourhood plans including all social, community, environmental and economic priorities that have been established; and
  • Generating annual dividends to the City from its activities.

The Board of Directors will play a crucial role in providing guidance, oversight, and strategic direction to MBIC. Board members will bring their relevant industry experience and collaborate effectively with other board members and senior staff to encourage, support, and foster activities related to stimulating economic growth in Mission.

MIBC is currently seeking applications for board members with a diverse mix of experience, skills, and backgrounds related to the following fields/areas:

  • Land development and land use expertise
  • Large-scale construction, engineering, and architectural projects
  • Real estate finance/financial management
  • Large-scale neighbourhood revitalization efforts / Masterplanning 
  • Public-private partnerships and stakeholder collaboration
  • Urban development

Preferred candidates should also have an understanding of the following topics and how they intersect with economic development in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley:

  • Environment
  • Accessibility
  • Indigenous Reconciliation
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Please note the Board of Directors positions are required to contribute their time and expertise in support of advancing economic development in Mission. The required time commitment is anticipated to be 4 hours per month of meeting time, plus the time required to review meeting material. 

To apply, please submit your resume and a letter of interest by May 3, 2024, outlining your relevant experience and why you are interested in joining the MBIC Board of Directors.

Applications should be sent to the MBIC Nomination Committee at edc@mission.ca

For more information:

Stacey Crawford 

City of Mission 

604-820-3789 | scrawford@mission.ca