Spotlight on the Tim Henry Water Booster Station

Engineering and Public Works

As part of Asset Management Awareness Day and Local Government Awareness Week 2024, we’re highlighting an important piece of infrastructure in our growing community, the Tim Henry Water Booster Station on Nelson Street.

Why This Project

The City of Mission’s distinctive topography and evolving development demand tailored infrastructure solutions and efficient implementation. Among these critical infrastructure components are our water pressure stations, which are engineered to uphold consistent and sufficient pressure across existing, new, and prospective developments, both for domestic water as well as firefighting when required. 

In 2022, Mission constructed its latest water booster station, strategically positioned to supply new developments at the north end of Nelson Street. 

Story Behind the Name

This facility, named the 'Tim Henry Water Booster Station,' pays homage to the late City of Mission employee Tim Henry, whose invaluable contributions shaped its design and completion. Henry was a respected local government professional and a mentor to many over the years of his career.

The Tim Henry Water Booster Station elevates water pressure levels from approximately 80psi to 130psi, with contingency provisions for further escalation during emergencies. Presently servicing around 70 residences, it boasts surplus capacity to accommodate forthcoming development potential.

As you engage in daily activities such as turning on the faucet, watering your garden, or enjoying a refreshing shower, take a moment to acknowledge the ceaseless dedication of the City of Mission’s water pressure station, diligently operating round-the-clock to ensure uninterrupted water supply.

See Our Beautiful Asset

The booster station is named in honour of the late City of Mission staff Tim Henry
The station is named in honour of the late City of Mission staff Tim Henry