2017 Audit Results:

The District’s auditor presented the 2017 audit findings. Their report noted good controls are in place and a good mix of staffing versus separation of duties. The entire report is available as part of the May 7, regular meeting of council agenda package published on mission.ca and available at the Mission library.


2017 Financial Statements:

Council unanimously approved the 2017 Financial Statements. Total revenues for the municipality in 2017 were $78.5 million, of which approximately 41% came from taxation and approximately 40% came from sales of services and regulatory fees. Total expenses were $62.5 million, with the largest amount going to protective services accounting for 25%, PRC at 13% and engineering and public works at 12%.  Overall there was a 2017 annual surplus of $15,977,008 using the accrual basis of accounting, or $1,705,445 on a cash-basis of accounting.


2018 Annual Tax Rate Bylaw:

The 2018 Annual Tax Rate Bylaw was considered and accepted. It includes a 3.63% increase in the property tax levy, a 1% increase to water user rates, a 4% increase to sewer user rates, and a 4.6% increase to the drainage utility levy. Full details are included in the May 7 regular meeting of council agenda package.


Proposed Cannabis Regulation:

Staff presented a discussion paper on cannabis regulation outlining the District’s position on the approach to changing federal and provincial regulation. The discussion paper outlines the proposed approach to regulating the production, sale, and use of cannabis in Mission and will be published on the district website at mission.ca


Council Remuneration:

Council Remuneration was reviewed following the requirement set out in the Council Remuneration and Expenses Policy. The end of the 1/3 tax free allowance was considered and remuneration for the Mayor was set at  $84,394,  and council’s rate was set to 50% of the Mayor’s.


Municipally Funded Grants:

The deadline for applying for all municipally funded grants has been set as July 15. Applications received after that date will not be considered.


Fire Truck Purchase:

The contract for the purchase of a Fire Pumper/Rescue truck was awarded to Hub Fire Engines & Equipment at a cost of $686,339. This is a budgeted replacement for a 21 year old apparatus.


Fire Station #1 Renovations:

Renovations to the Fire Station #1 will be completed with a budget increase of $29,801 funded from general fund accumulated surplus.


Water Metering Update:

Staff will complete additional water and sewer modelling with an approved budget of up to $40,000 funded from the water and sewer capital reserve funds to assess the potential impact of water meters and conservation on future infrastructure requirements.


Freeman of the City Medal Presentation:

Cal Crawford was presented with the Freeman of the City Medal, the highest honour a municipality can bestow.



May 2018 and May 25, 2018 were proclaimed Child Find’s Green Ribbon of Hope Month and National Missing Children’s Day

May 20th to 26th, 2018 was proclaimed as Cycling4Diversity Week

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