These highlights are a synopsis of the November 20, 2017 Regular Council Meeting. The agenda, full meeting minutes, and webcast of the Council Meeting can be found online at

Mission Moments – Mission Hospital
In Mission’s early years, the sick and injured were cared for in private homes and there were very few nurses. In May of 1920, a temporary hospital, the Stoke’s House on 3rd and Birch, was opened as the first Mission Memorial Hospital.

In the spring of 1924, the promise of financial help came from the province for a new hospital and in 1925, the new brick hospital opened debt free. By 1954 the 31-bed hospital was so overcrowded that there were beds in the corridors.

In March 1956, the hospital board purchased property on Hurd Street to build a new hospital. The grand opening of the current Mission Memorial Hospital was held on October 24, 1965, and was declared ‘the finest hospital on the continent’ by the Honourable Eric Martin.

Sidewalk Snowplowing Pilot Project
Council approved a pilot project for sidewalk snow clearing for the 2017/2018 winter season. Staff will engage the services of a local contractor, West Coast Snow and Ice Management Ltd., to clear snow from approximately 10 km of municipally-owned, non-resident or business fronted sidewalk for this pilot project.

True Sport Community
True sport is dedicated to the notion that good sport can make a great difference in every life. Council has proclaimed the District of Mission as a True Sport Community, joining over 1400 other True Sport communities, organizations, clubs, leagues
and teams across Canada.

Public Budget Consultation
Members of the public were invited to share their input on the 2018 budget. Final budget discussions will take place on Wednesday, November 29 in the Council Chambers starting at 1:00 p.m. Visit for more details.

Adoption Awareness Month
The month of November, 2017 has been proclaimed “Adoption Awareness Month” within the District of Mission.

Fall Financial Reporting
Current projections indicate that by year-end, the general operating fund will meet overall budget targets and have a projected surplus of approximately $826,716. Staff will continue to closely monitor spending and revenues for the remainder of the year.

Investment Holdings Quarterly Report
The District’s total cash and portfolio investment balance as at September 30, 2017 is $110,027,538. Recent forecasts project year-end earnings to exceed the budget by approximately $260,000. All investment decisions are made in compliance with Section 183 of the Community Charter, and to ensure that the primary objective is the preservation of capital as per the District’s investment policy.

Ainsworth Road Water Main Break
Repair costs for breaks that occurred to the Ainsworth Road water main this April and August are reported to total $189,800. Council has approved $45,989 to be reallocated from the 2017 water supply contingency budget to cover Mission’s share of the repair costs.

Forestry Operations 2017 Third Quarter (Q3) Report
The Forestry Department reported a year-to-date net profit of $1,112,999 (after fee/fund transfers) resulting in a closing forestry reserve balance as of September 30, 2017 of approximately $3,612,164. The forecast for the fourth quarter 2017 is a loss of $187,101, resulting in a net profit for 2017 of $925,898.


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