Fire Engine Replacement

Council approved the replacement of a fire engine in 2020 with a total budget of $777,396 funded from the Vehicle and Equipment Reserve Fund. The vehicle will be supplied by Hub Fire Engines.

Updates to Subdivision Control Bylaw

Council gave first, second, and third reading to amendments to the Development and Subdivision Control Bylaw. The August 7, 2018 agenda contains a report summarizing the amendments and is available alongside the bylaw with tracked amendments at

Seniors Housing Moving Forward

Council reviewed updated information on the senior housing and community centre project proposed at 7682 Grand Street and directed staff to continue work with the Mission Association for Seniors Housing to advance the project. The project includes 74 affordable housing units on 5 floors above the community centre space. Staff and MASH are working with Terra Housing to secure funding from BC Housing and from the Employment and Social Development Canada “Enabling Accessibility Fund for Mid-sized Projects” to offset the costs of construction.

2018 Tax Collection Summary

The District mailed out just over 14,600 tax notices in 2018 and at the July 3rd tax deadline had a compliance rate for current property taxes payable of 92.4%, resulting in approximately 2,000 reminder notices being mailed out. While online payments continue to increase and walk-ins decrease the processing and wait times for walk-in payments increased during the busiest last four days of the tax season as staff fielded many questions and provided support for the Provincial deferment program.

Infrastructure Grant Application

Mission and Abbotsford will apply for the “Investing in Canada Infrastructure Grant Program” for the shared Collector Well Project.

529 Garage Bicycle Registry

District staff and the RCMP will launch a local 529 Garage bicycle registry and partner to improve awareness on how to reduce bike theft while providing a local solution for registering and tracking bicycles. The District and RCMP will work with cycling groups to hold a public launch this fall.

Waterfront Pre-development Planning

Council approved the use of the $456,000 grant from the Provincial Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund for the waterfront pre-development planning strategy.

Hospital Parking

Staff will investigate options for maintaining free parking at the Mission Memorial Hospital.

Park Shelters

The existing shelter at Griner Park slated to be replaced with a larger structure will be relocated to Lightburn and neighbours will be consulted about potentially installing a portable washroom and a second shelter in Lightburn.

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