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These highlights are a synopsis of the January 20, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council. Visit to read the complete agenda or watch the recorded webcast of the meeting.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Appreciation Day

February 1, 2020 has been proclaimed by Council as Royal Canadian Mounted Police Appreciation Day, to show appreciation for and to celebrate the history and role of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force in British Columbia on the centennial anniversary of its inception in Canada.

Mission Traffic and Transit Committee

Council considered a proposed update to the Mission Traffic and Transit Committee’s (MTTC) Terms of Reference (TOR). A notable change includes the addition of a new representative from the Fraser Health Authority, bringing the total voting members to 12. As the MTTC is a Council appointed advisory body, the TOR for the MTTC are established by Council, and can only be altered by Council.

Request to Reintroduce Pawn Shop Uses Downtown

Council has denied a request to reconsider the prohibition of pawnshops in the downtown core. There have been a number of changes over the years to the District’s zoning bylaws and policies that have provided clear direction and focus regarding the types of businesses and land uses supported in the downtown, and this decision keeps in line with that vision. All currently existing pawnshops, tattoo parlours and cheque cashing businesses downtown are legally non-conforming.