RCMP Duty Lockers

The RCMP will purchase new duty lockers for the Mission RCMP Detachment.

Engaged Community Guides

Council voted to support an additional $10,000 in one-time funding for the continuation of the Engaged Community Guide program, with funding from the Gaming Reserve Fund. Paul Horn and the Engaged Community Guides appeared as a delegation at Council to share their experiences and thank Council for the continued support.

Forestry Q1 Report

Forestry reported a Q1 2018 net profit of $481,383 compared to the forecast of $344,001 and 2017 Q1 actuals of $242,840. The results were impacted by a 51% increase over forecast on the return for the timber sale, offset partially by 30% lower volume.


Roof hatch and guardrails will be installed at Municipal Hall, Public Works, the Mission Community Archives, and Welton Commons at a cost of $41,000 funded from the General Fund Accumulated Surplus.

Truck-Mounted Crane

The District will purchase a new truck-mounted crane and established a budget of $34,000 for the purchase.

Enterprise Application System RFP

Staff are issuing a request for proposals to retain an independent consultant to assess existing corporate software platforms and systems and recommend potential solutions to meet existing and future needs,

Commercial Tipping Fees

Commercial tipping fees on mixed commercial recycling are increasing to $95 per tonne for loads with greater than 50% OCC (Cardboard) and $160 per tonne for loads with less than 50% OCC.

2018 Student Leadership Awards

Council presented the 2018 Student Leadership Awards to

From Hatzic Middle School:
Taylor Crowdis (Grade 7)
Riley Richardson (Grade 8)
Niya Mackay (Grade 9)

From Ecole Heritage Park Middle School:
Lucas Goudsblom (Grade 7)
Aurelia McKinnon (Grade 8)
Casey McAvay (Grade 9)

From Mission Senior Secondary:
Gordon Gill (Grade 10)
Rebekah Bauman (Grade 11)
Billie Brown (Grade 12)

Aboriginal Student Leader:
Chelsea Ibster (Grade 12)

Iron Mountain Music Festival

Staff will work with the organizer to ensure emergency planning, safety, security and traffic management plans are in place for the event.

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