Council Highlights – March 18, 2019

These highlights are a synopsis of the March 18, 2019 Regular Meeting of Council. Visit to read the complete agenda or watch the recorded webcast of the meeting.

Chiller Replacement for North Arena

Council approved a budget increase of $59,650 to replace the chiller for the North Arena at the Leisure Centre, with funding coming from the general capital reserve.

Traffic and Transit Committee TOR Updated

The Terms of Reference for the Traffic and Transit Committee have been updated. The changes improve the frequency of engagement and communication with Council, and ensure more effective planning for the long-term benefit of the committee and the community. The change increases community representation, and expands the role of the committee in terms of providing input.

Traffic Calming Policy

Council deferred a decision on the proposed Traffic Calming Policy update and requested a workshop to explore the issue in more detail.

Traffic Safety Strategy

Council received a report from staff outlining a proposed traffic safety strategy for the community. The strategy was developed at Council’s request, and includes hiring a full-time Engineering Technologist to focus on traffic-safety issues.  The funding for this strategy will be in the amount of $425,000 per year for capital expenditures, coming from the general capital reserve fund. Council deferred a decision on this issue to allow for an additional workshop with staff to explore the proposal in more detail.



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