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These highlights are a synopsis of the May 19, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council. Visit to read the complete agenda or watch the recorded webcast of the meeting.


June 1-7 has been proclaimed as Seniors’ Week, in recognition of the diversity of seniors and their vital role in British Columbia society.

Housing Needs Report

Council received the District’s first Housing Needs Assessment Report. Under the Local Government Act, local governments are required to undertake a Housing Needs Assessment by April 2022, and every five years thereafter. The report includes key findings from the 2019 Housing Needs Assessment Survey, input from a variety of stakeholders in Mission and housing construction data in the community. The report highlights a critical need for affordable housing in Mission.

Financial Impact of COVID-19

Council reviewed a summary of the financial impacts of the COVID-19 crisis to date. With the closure of leisure facilities and the casino, the District is enduring shortfalls in monthly recreation and gaming revenue. Mission has also seen a sharp decline in revenue from Public Transit, citing a ridership drop of 74.2% due to the pandemic. The report outlines the projected revenue losses through the end of 2020, and identifies a number of capital projects that can be deferred until 2021 to alleviate financial pressures. Read the full report at

Mission RCMP Quarterly Report

Mission RCMP presented the January 2020 – April 2020 quarterly report. Each quarterly report from the RCMP outlines the trends of offences in the Mission area, indicates through a mapping system the location of each offence during the quarter, an overview of victims’ services’ initiatives, and detachment activities/crime reduction efforts. The report also includes details of activities from the Crime Prevention Office, and updates on the various support groups that the RCMP participates in including the Community Support and Enforcement Team, and the Mission Outreach Support Team.

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