2017 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program and Climate Action Goal Status

Mission subscribes to the British Columbia Climate Action Charter, and has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by reducing corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is done through corporate initiatives such as using energy efficient products, using clean energy sources, and increasing food waste diversion from the landfill. Because of the extended cold winter and snow and ice removal our 2017 GHG emissions increased 11% over the benchmark year of 2008.

The District paid approximately $64,800 in carbon taxes last year, and expects to receive that amount back from the province once the reporting is complete. In the past the carbon tax refunds have been used for projects that further promote GHG emission reduction, such as habitat restoration, tree plantings and the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. Contact the Environmental Services Department for more information about Mission’s Climate Action Charter and GHG emissions since 2008.


Master Infrastructure Strategy for Southwest Mission

Engineering servicing master plans are being prepared to optimize the planning and management of assets and infrastructure across the District. The Silverdale area has been identified as a comprehensive planning area in the Official Community Plan, and with renewed development interest in southwest Mission, the District is ready to proceed with a strategy that will facilitate future neighbourhood planning and guide organized growth. A budget of $600,000 has been established from the general accumulated surplus fund and the water, sewer and drainage capital reserve funds for this work. Additional information will be coming forward in future reports to Council, and the results of the Master Infrastructure Strategy will be presented to the public before finalizing.

2018 Asphalt Rehabilitation Tender Extension

A contract extension has been negotiated with BA Blacktop Limited (formerly Imperial Paving Limited) in the amount of $1,276,538 for the 2018 asphalt rehabilitation program. The original contract with Imperial Paving Limited was awarded in 2014 following a formal invitation to tender process and allows for four possible annual extensions. This is the last allowable extension for this contract.


Leisure Centre Arena Improvements

The chiller in the north ice arena has been functioning beyond its typical life expectancy and needs replacement. A direct award of $148,000 has been approved for Fraser Valley Refrigeration to supply and install a new chiller. The work will be done before ice is put back in the arena.

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