Forestry Q3 2018 Financial Results

The Forestry Department reported a Q3 2018 net loss of $301,752. That loss is greater than the $227,635 projected for Q3 due to a longer shutdown period casued by the extended fire season. Net profit for the year remains positive at $237,449 and the department anticipates a stronger fourth quarter as we are through the fire season and harvesting is underway.

September Financial Reporting

Staff presented an overview of the 2018 budget and projections to year-end, anticipating a $1,240,322 surplus barring any unforeseen events that could impact the budget.

Committee Appointment

Councillor Jag Gill was appointed as the Council representative for the Mission Arts Council.

Council Meetings Move to 6:00 pm

Council approved amendments to the Council Procedure Bylaw that will see meetings move to 6:00 pm and changed to include a question period with subjects limited to matters arising from the meeting’s agenda. The changes will be brought in in January 2019.

Adoption Awareness Month

November has been proclaimed Adoption Awareness Month in Mission.


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