Special Recognition – Councillor Stevens

Council thanked Councillor Jenny Stevens for her many years of service to the District of Mission. Councillor Stevens has sat on Council from 1999 to 2018, and is the recipient of numerous community and provincial awards.

2018 Heritage Awards

Heritage Commission Chair Michelle Rhodes presented the 2018 Heritage Awards, recognizing three unique neighbourhoods in Mission that each represent a specific form and character important to the history of Mission:

  • The Pipeline Houses – 11 properties on 9th and 10th Avenue between Grand and Alder
  • Bakerview Avenue – 18 single-family “BC Box” homes built between 1970 and 21971 on Bakerview Avenue between Cedar and Bluebell
  • 3rd Avenue – a collection of 15 houses defined by pre and early post-war housing that remains mostly unchanged on 3rd avenue between Grand and James

October is Foster Family Month

By the request of the Minister of Children and Family Development Council has declared October, 2018 to be Foster Family Month in Mission.

Downtown Façade Grant Expanded

Council has approved $15,000 in new funding for the Downtown Façade Improvement Grant Program to supplement $5,000 committed by the Downtown Business Association. This program has helped support the renewal of facades on 14 buildings in downtown Mission.

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