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The District of Mission is seeking applications for the Mission Cultural Resources Commission!

What does the Cultural Resources Commission do?

The Commission supports, promotes and connects the arts and culture community in Mission.  They are volunteers appointed by Council and provide advice and recommendations to Council on arts and culture matters.  Through activities such as Culture Days, public art and the Celebration of the Arts Awards they aim to inspire a vibrant community in Mission.  The Commission strengthens our community and fosters creativity.

Who serves on the Cultural Resources Commission?

The Commission is looking for individuals who reflect broad arts and culture interests with strong ties to the community.  Artists, advocates, educators and those who support or work/volunteer in the arts and culture sectors are encouraged to apply.

Why Serve on a Cultural Resources Commission?

You can make a difference and have a hand in shaping the arts and culture community which is essential to quality of life, education and the vitality of Mission.

Apply to become a member today!

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All members will either be local residents or will have strong ties to the community.