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The District would like to add context and address omissions presented in the Mission Record’s “Waterfront-gate” article dated September 24, 2020.


Ongoing Landowner Engagement


The District has held six meetings for all waterfront property owners since March 2018. The purpose of these meetings was to inform property owners about the waterfront development process. At these meetings, the District shared updates on establishing a vision for the waterfront, the types of technical studies to be undertaken, and the opportunity for future land use planning. Land use planning and its estimated two-year duration has always been clearly explained to landowners who chose to attend these meetings.


Official Community Plan Amending Bylaw


The Official Community Plan amending bylaw adopted on September 21, 2020 simply identifies an area for which land use planning will be completed. The land use planning process that is proposed for the waterfront is the same process that is currently underway in Southwest Mission. The Southwest Mission process will see land use planning completed within an 18-month period in a collaborative effort between the District and the principal property owner. A similar but shorter process was recently completed to revise the Cedar Valley Comprehensive Development Plan.


Community Benefits of Comprehensive Planning


Planning processes are routinely used by local governments and are necessary steps to ensuring development that benefits the entire community. Neighbourhood plans are documents that create frameworks to guide future growth and development of an area, from everything from land use considerations and land use design to transportation and recreational spaces. These plans are shaped by the feedback of residents, landowners, businesses and community stakeholders, as well as industry professionals in planning and engineering, and are important strategies to guide sustainable growth and community connectivity.


Watch the September 21 Webcast


We would encourage readers to review the webcast video of Monday September 21, 2020 where the comments expressed by all members of Council can be heard regarding the bylaw adoption and importance of land use planning that will ensure the result is in the best interest of the community.


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