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Bird Carrying Garbage for Earth Day Celebration 2021

What is Earth Day?

First Celebrated in the US on April 22, 1970, Earth Day moved across the globe over the years and grew beyond a major day of environmental action. Celebrated now by many countries around the world, it also became the organization Earth Day Canada. This organization operates year round, as well as, a major environmental day we know as Earth Day. Earth Day Canada’s Mission is to help individuals and organizations reduce their impact on the environment.

The Earth Day Campaign

Each year, this campaign aims to raise awareness among as many citizens and organizations as possible to encourage people to take action. 

 How to get involved and take action

Visit #EarthDayAtHome for ideas on how you and your family can take care of the planet from home.

Visit for activity ideas for schools, organizations and individuals such as plogging, battery collection, pollinator plantings and more.

Get involved by checking out the Earth Day Calendar of activities in your area.

Share your good deeds and environmental habits on your social media, with your community, or on the I Take Care for the Planet Facebook page.

Thank you for your support. All contributions and efforts, multiplied, can really make a difference.