The District of Mission is currently looking to fill two (2) vacant positions on the Mission Economic Development Select Committee (EDSC).

The Economic Development Select Committee is a Council appointed advisory body providing recommendations to Council on economic development priorities, policies and matters that will foster and enhance business growth in the community.

Eligible members will be residents, taxpayers, business owners or managers in the District of Mission with the appropriate qualifications, availability, work experience, community involvement and knowledge that can provide independent advice and assistance on the achievement of the EDSC mandate, purpose and goals. To maintain a balanced composition of the EDSC, the committee is currently seeking specific knowledge and professional expertise within the following areas:

  • Land development expertise: expertise in commercial and industrial land development to help shape EDSC advice associated with the identification and development of future employment lands.
  • Transportation expertise: expertise associated with traffic management, major thoroughfare construction, transit in association with the movement of the local labour force and the transportation of goods to help shape policy and advice that supports growth and development in the community.
  • Workforce and business development expertise: expertise to shape workforce, sector development and educational development efforts, as well as a background in business relationship development (business retention and attraction).

If you are interested in applying for the EDSC, please apply through the EDSC Application Form. If you would like additional information on the EDSC please contact the economic development officer at:

Stacey Crawford – Economic Development Officer

604-820-3789 /

Applications will be accepted up to 4:30 p.m., June 14th, 2019.