The District of Mission has been receiving frequently asked questions and comments regarding the Waterfront Revitalization Masterplan. Below are some answers to address the main themes identified. To subscribe for project updates visit

Why is there only residential development occurring on the Waterfront?

The District has at no time suggested specific land uses for the waterfront, and the Official Community Plan (OCP) states this is an area for mixed-use.  While the waterfront may include areas for residential living, it is also assumed that there will be significant areas for industrial and commercial opportunities. This is also consistent with Council’s priority to create more local jobs and to diversify the tax base to lessen the tax burden on homeowners.  Land use planning is one of the important outcomes of the master planning effort and land use on the waterfront will be determined through several community engagement and input sessions over the next six months, allowing you to say what you would like to see from a community perspective.

Who is paying for this?

No property tax increases are required, nor included, in the financial plan to support this initiative.  The waterfront masterplan project, the start-up and operation of a waterfront administrative office, including staffing, and the purchase of strategic waterfront property will all be paid for with funds currently held in reserve and from the proceeds from the sale of surplus land owned by the District.

Why are we undertaking another study?

We would like to emphasize this is not just another study, this is a comprehensive masterplan that will shape the future land-use of the area while also solving very complex engineering, servicing infrastructure and flood protection challenges. Once completed, it will add value to these lands by providing infrastructure solutions and land use certainty that will consequently reduce risk and demonstrate financial viability to the community, landowners, and developers looking to invest in the area.

Why is the District making decisions regarding private property?

The District of Mission must create a long-term vision with the community that outlines the objectives and policies that will guide future decisions on land use management – this is the Official Community Plan (OCP).  This covers all municipal and private properties and is created to ensure positive social, economic, and cultural outcomes for the community while also addressing issues such as transportation, housing, recreational spaces, and infrastructure.  The Waterfront is part of this larger plan and being a resident, landowner, business, or community stakeholder allows you to help create the vision and shape the future of this area. The landowners have and will continue to be involved and informed as this process continues. Not having a long-term vision is often the source of our differences and is the very reason one needs to be developed.

Why has the District been purchasing land in the area?

The District has undertaken two purchase agreements to acquire land in the Mission Waterfront area.  The first is the old Cedar Shake and Shingle building at 7101 Horne Street, of which a portion of this property will house the Waterfront Office.  The other purchase is for land off of Timberwood Avenue and this area is directly adjacent to the bypass and may help to meet future infrastructure needs, serve as an area for soil remediation, and in the future be part of a public realm amenity.

What about the sewer crossing?

The District received its final senior government approval in late February from Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The bid package for the competitive process for selecting the preferred company to do the construction has been initiated. Negotiations for access across private land are ongoing. The site preparation work is planned for summer 2021 with construction planned to occur from November 2021 to March 2022.

Is the District shutting down the Mission Raceway?

No. Any information suggesting this will occur is false. The District of Mission has met with the Raceway executive and recognize the fact that the Raceway is privately owned land.  For many years the Raceway has been an important recreational site and economic contributor to the community. The Raceway is an important contributor to the Waterfront Masterplan and will benefit from participation as they add to the potential of their site for the future – a future the current operators will determine.