Update From Remple Disposal:

Note for Thursday February 9th:Due to the unsafe road conditions there will be no collections today.

The following streets were not able to be collected on Wednesday Feb 8th due to road conditions: Fraser Cresent, Haig, Parts of Birch and Alder, 4th west of Murray including the loop and alley, Proctor, 3rd off of Proctor, Plumridge, Deerfield, Burdoch, Hodgson, Northmount, Heather, 10th Ave, Dunsmuir, Tavernier, Prentice, all allies, 4th Ave west of Grand, Northcote, Gibard, Mary, 4th Ave west of Mary.

Any homes missed this week due to snow will be able to put out double allowed volumes on the your next scheduled collection day to catch up.

Please note for any garbage not collected it will be picked up on your next garbage day.

This also applies to Monday, Feb 6ths and Tuesday, Feb 7ths routes and those areas and streets left uncollected Friday the 3rd. Namely; Rockridge, Cambridge, Gordon Place, Coleman, Lawrence, Brealy, Briant, 1 side of Deorkson, Kimball, Harms, Blueberry, Veres, Forbse, and Penner.

If your garbage pickup has been missed during this storm you can bring garbage to the landfill at no cost. Please bring a proof of address to confirm you reside in one of areas missed due to winter road conditions.