Effective at noon, Wednesday, September 27, 2023 the fire ban within the City of Mission has been lifted.

Before using your recreational fire pit, please remember to check that the daily ventilation category is “GOOD” by visiting https://dom.burnpermits.com/ or by calling 1-844-904-0766.

Fire pit use is ONLY permitted on “GOOD” vent index days.

A reminder that your recreational fire permit allows you to burn clean, dry, untreated firewood in a fire pit for personal enjoyment or warmth, essentially a campfire. An adult must be in attendance at all times. Only one fire pit is allowed per property.

Those living in non-municipal garbage collection areas may burn yard debris from October 1 to March 31. A permit is not required, however, the following restrictions apply:

The pile of yard debris to be burned must not exceed 1m in diameter and 1m in height. Please overturn long-standing piles to ensure that wintering critters have opportunity to escape. Only one pile is permitted at a time. A ventilation category of “Good” must be present on the day of burning. Burning cannot begin until one hour after sunrise, and must end by 4 p.m. or two hours before sunset, whichever is later. An adult person must be in attendance at all times. Please refer to Bylaw 5962-2020 for full details.

The City of Mission will consider allowing yard clean up in non-municipal garbage collection areas to exceed the current bylaw restrictions if it is performed as part of a FireSmart initiative. For more information contact our FireSmart Repetitive at firesmart@mission.ca.

Land clearing is strictly prohibited in all areas of the City of Mission. Burning of garbage and construction materials/debris is also prohibited.

For further information, please contact Mission Fire Rescue Service at 604-820-3793 or visit our website at https://dom.burnpermits.com/.