One of the key benefits of community forest management is the ability to provide a diversity of recreational opportunities to our residents and visitors to Mission. 

Mission’s forests offer a variety of trails of varying degrees of length and difficulty and you can find something that will appeal to almost every age and ability.  From mature forests, to young forests with ever changing views, to waterfalls and mountain vistas, the experiences in nature offer a chance to showcase Mission’s sustainable forest management practices.

While some trails have been built within protected areas, many trails flow in and out of recent and older logging areas, offering many viewpoints where you could encounter a range of birds and wildlife who benefit from the diversity of plant species that flourish in these open environments.  With our prompt reforestation program, it doesn’t take long to re-establish a healthy young forest, as you will also see along many of our trails.

We also work with the Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association (; this amazing local organization has had a huge role to play in approved design, building and long term maintenance of many of the fantastic trail networks just a ten minute drive north of Mission on Bear and Red Mountains.  A good starting point for both mountain networks is from Mill Pond, which is located on Dewdney Trunk Road, adjacent to the Rod and Gun Club.  Cell phone users can download an app called Trailforks which will show all the trails and track your location.

Trails in Mission are all designated as multi-use (strictly non-motorized) for hiking and mountain biking.  There are some trails specifically signed as appropriate for horseback riding, however not all trails can support the weight of horses and riders, which may significantly damage the trails or injure the horse/rider.  Horses are always welcome to use our gated road systems.

There are times when notices are posted on site, closing particular trails or access roads.  For your safety, all closures should be respected.  Industrial logging operations contain many hazardous conditions and unless contractors are aware of your presence, your life is at significant risk.

When using trails, always expect other users, particularly fast moving mountain bikes.  Leashing your dogs keeps all trail users safe.  Some key tips are:  when approaching horses, keep to the lower side of the horse rider where possible, mountain bikers should anticipate users around blind corners and yield to horses, and all users should try not to avoid wetter areas by shortcutting which makes trails wider by damaging surrounding vegetation.

For more information on trails in Mission, you can pick up a trail brochure at the Leisure Centre, Mission Visitor Centre, Forestry Department or visit our website.

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