Mission’s draft Environmental Charter 2022-2027 is a 5-year action plan to address climate change, foster resilient and vibrant communities, and protect and enhance ecosystems and green spaces now and into the future.

With the growing events of climate change and increasing demand on our world’s natural resources, it is now more urgent than ever to take climate action to better steward our environment and to cut greenhouse gas emissions in our community.

Public Consultation

Last year, we asked the community to share their ideas about how Mission should approach the environment and climate crisis. This feedback was used, alongside federal and provincial climate action plans, to produce our new draft Environmental Charter 2022-2027.

In this consultation, we are looking for your feedback on the draft Charter in the areas of:

  • Plan scope and timelines;
  • Priority actions and objectives;
  • Communicating the plan; and,
  • General comments.

The survey will remain open until May 29, 2022.

How Feedback Will Be Used

The feedback received during this engagement will be summarized and presented to Council in a report, used to inform further iterations of the draft Environmental Charter 2022-2027, and used to help us plan next steps for environmental awareness activities in the community.