These highlights are a synopsis of the August 21, 2017 Regular Council Meeting. The agenda, full meeting minutes, and webcast of the Council Meeting can be found online at

Hatzic Park Improvements
Utilizing funds provided through the McTaggart Development, the development of a playground area as well as a field house for use by minor sports has been approved for Hatzic Park. Construction on the playground will begin in 2017, with the work being completed in advance of the summer of 2018. The field house design will be completed in 2017/2018 and the actual construction will be undertaken once the servicing along Dewdney Trunk Road is in place.

Proclamations for September 2017
The month of September, 2017 has been proclaimed “Prostate Cancer Awareness Month” and “Literacy Month” within the District of Mission.

2017 Tax Collection
The District mailed out just over 14,200 property tax notices to property owners on May 26, 2017, which represented approximately 13,100 properties with property taxes charged. Between property tax payments and home owner grant applications, over 19,000 transactions were processed by staff. At the close of business on July 4, 2017, the collection compliance rate for current property taxes payable was 92.53%, which is higher than 2016 compliance rate of 91.79%.

1st Avenue Improvement Project Update
The 1st Avenue Improvement Project, which consists of streetscape improvements such as curbs, sidewalks, lighting, plantings, and furnishing along 1st Avenue, is well into the planning and design phase, and is currently on budget, on schedule, and within scope. The pre-design report has been received and accepted, and the preliminary design is nearly complete. Construction on the project is expected to begin in March 2018 and will be fully completed by September 2018.

Summer Financial Reporting – June 30, 2017
As part of the District’s financial reporting system, budget status reports occur on the quarters ending June, September and December to provide information about the District’s overall financial performance.

Current projections indicate that by year-end the general operating fund will meet overall budget targets and have a surplus projected of approximately $63,750. Staff will continue to closely monitor spending and revenues for the remainder of the year.

Enhancing Webmap Performance
In order to provide faster Webmap services for the internal and external users, purchase of an additional ArcGIS Enterprise License has been approved. The one-time license purchase will cost $39,960 with a yearly maintenance fee of $9,600. This performance enhancement will double the allowance for active Webmap users at a time to 24 users and will significantly decrease wait times.


Next Regular Council Meeting is 
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Committee of the Whole – 1:00 pm
Regular Council – 7:00 pm
Council Chambers, Municipal Hall
8645 Stave Lake Street, Mission, BC