The toilet rebate program ended in 2022. Here are the changes to the way toilets are now disposed of:

  • The Mission Recycling Depot no longer accepts toilets
  • The Abbotsford Mission Recycling Depot will accept toilets for free as part of a pilot recycling program. Fees may apply at a later date
  • Toilets are still accepted at the landfill as garbage, standard garbage fees apply

The Abbotsford Mission Water & Sewer Commission’s High Efficiency Toilet Rebate program has ended. The program has been very successful and since 2011, over 11,000 toilets have been replaced with low flow and high efficiency models. Participation has dropped significantly in recent years due to market saturation and high efficiency (4.8L) toilets are a Building Code requirement and ae standard in new homes and renovations.

The Abbotsford Mission Recycling Depot is located at 33670 Valley Road, Abbotsford BC, open 7 days a week, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

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