Property tax payments and home owner grants are due July 4, 2023. Unpaid 2023 property taxes, including unclaimed Home Owner Grants, are subject to a 10% penalty after July 4, 2023.

Ways to Pay

Pay Online

Use your financial institution’s online banking to make a payment.

  • Select “City of Mission Taxes” or variation, check with your bank.
  • Your 9-digit roll number is your Account Number.
  • To avoid penalty make your payment by June 27th to allow for your bank’s processing time.

In-person at the City Hall Finance Counter

We do not accept credit cards for property tax payments and your debit card may have a limit.

Secure 24-hour Drop Boxes

Located at the entrances of:

  • 8645 Stave Lake Street, Mission, BC
  • 7337 Welton Street, Mission, BC

At Your Financial Institution

Pay at your branch and keep your receipt.

By Mail

PO Box 20, Mission, BC, V2V 4L9
Cheques can be post-dated July 4, 2023. Mail early to avoid being late.

Annual Home Owner Grant

Municipalities can no longer accept applications.

Home Owner Grant applications must now be made directly to the Province at or phone 1-888-355-2700 to speak with a Province of BC agent. Home Owner Grants must be claimed each year, if eligible. Program details and eligibility remain the same. If eligible, you can claim your grant regardless of how or when you pay your property taxes. The grant will reduce your property tax balance owing.

How to Avoid a Penalty

Property tax payments MUST be received by the City on or before July 4, 2023. It is the property owner’s responsibility to claim the Annual Home Owner Grant every year, if eligible, even if you are not making a payment or your mortgage company is paying your property taxes.

You can only claim one home owner grant in a calendar year, and only one property owner can apply for the grant. While grant applications can be made up until December 31, only those claimed prior to the due date will avoid the 10% penalty.

Property Tax Deferment

Property tax deferment is a low interest loan program offered by the Provincial Government that helps qualified BC homeowners pay their annual property taxes on their principal residence.
Home owners must apply directly to the Province to defer their property taxes. You may defer payment of your property taxes if you meet the provincial program criteria including:

  • Principal residence
  • Being 55 or older, or
  • A surviving spouse, or
  • A person with disability or financially support a dependent child with disability or is under the age of 18.

Residency, citizenship and equity criteria must also be met. To learn more visit or phone 1-888-355-2700. Home owners are responsible for paying any Utilities listed on the property tax notice and claiming the Home Owner Grant.

Action Required: If you own land for the benefit of a corporation, trust or legal partnership, you must check if you need to file with the Land Owner Transparency Registry. More info at

Contact us or 604-820-3717