Final Update – (Saturday, December 30, 2017)

We are now in recovery mode clearing fallen trees and ensuring roads are clear and passable. While issues still remain the improved weather and good outlook mean we don’t expect significant new events.

Crews will continue to work through the weekend clearing debris and restoring access and services. Our priority is restoring access and services and ensuring roads are clear.

How to Help with Recovery

We ask residents to ensure their homes are safe from overhanging trees and branches and try to clear sidewalks where possible.

Clearing storm drains / catchbasins near your home will help reduce the risk of flooding as warmer temperatures melt ice and snow.

Call the following numbers for issues as they arise:

Downed or Dangerous Power Lines

For downed lines stay 10 meters back and call 9-1-1.

For dangerously low or dangling lines and for outages call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online.

Fallen Trees

For trees and other debris blocking roadways or paths call Public Works at 604-820-3761

Useful Websites

Visit for BC Hydro’s power outage map.

Visit for highway webcams and information.

Visit for the forecast

Blocked and Barricaded Roads

Please do not bypass barricaded roads and areas taped-off by crews. Respect works crews and first responders as they work to clear debris and restore access and services around the community.

Routes to Highway 7 (Lougheed)

As of Saturday afternoon the following routes were clear and provided easy access from northern points in Mission to the Lougheed Highway:

From Hatzic

Dewdney Trunk Road to Manson to Highway

Dewdney Trunk Road to Cemetery (single lane) to Draper to Highway – Hydro is working there

From Central Mission

Cherry at Cade Barr to Best to Forbes to Topper Court to 12th Avenue down Stave Lake to Highway

Cherry down Cedar Connector to Highway

Staying Safe Around Your Home

As you wake take a moment to check your home and surrounding area for potential danger including overhanging trees and branches and potential flooding.

Clearing catchbasins and storm drains will help reduce potential flooding.

Check in on neighbours who might need help.

Do not bring outdoor barbecues or heaters indoors.

Staying Safe Around the Community

Ensure your vehicle is properly equipped for winter conditions and if possible avoid driving until conditions improve.

If you do need to drive somewhere please clear ice and snow from your vehicle before heading out on the roads and respect first responders, work crews, and barricades as you drive.

Many areas are still without power, and as we work to restore power some signal lights are not working. Drive safely and obey traffic laws.

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