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The District of Mission’s Building Permit Application Process is changing.

Purpose of the Change

To better serve the building/development community and our residents, the District is making improvements to how Building Permits will be processed and issued.

How is the District Improving the Process?

Effective immediately, the District is implementing a building permit ‘pre-application review’ prior to accepting a formal application.

The District will review all submissions prior to accepting a formal building permit application to ensure:

  1. The application is complete; and
  2. The applicant understands all that is needed to assess a building permit;

Why is the District Implementing this Change?

The District recognizes clarity, consistency, and completeness of building permit applications assists in streamlining the building permit review process. This process change is designed to assist applicants in providing the correct information, leading to permits being issued with greater efficiency.

What Can I Expect as a Builder?

The District will strive to issue all types of Building Permits within an 8 to 10 week time-frame once a formal application has been accepted.

Current Backlog?

The District has hired an additional building inspector to deal with the current backlog of ‘dormant’ Building Permit files. These ‘dormant’ files are causing tremendous delays in reviewing all building permit applications.

The intent is to free up time for the building inspectors to review complete building permit applications only and provide efficiency to those complete applications.

Download the Pre-Application Process document for details. This document is also available translated into Punjabi.