As a result of the pipeline rupture North of Prince George the T-south pipeline is unable to ship any gas to the Interior or the Lower Mainland Regions.

Enbridge has declared a Force Majeur impacting all interruptible customers in our region, and Fortis BC has issued an alert requesting all users to eliminate or reduce their natural gas usage immediately.

In response to this unprecedented situation all non-essential heating units and appliances powered with natural gas have been turned off and the temperature set-points reduced to conserve natural gas and reduce usage in our facilities.

These measures will reduce temperatures in the Leisure Centre. Please take appropriate measures to ensure your personal comfort.

The notice below is provided by FortisBC:

FortisBC is asking customers to avoid non-essential use of gas until the pipeline supply issue in the north is resolved to ensure we’re preserving the flow of natural gas.

We’re asking our customers to turn off their thermostat and limit other use of natural gas as much as possible. This can be as simple as using less hot water, or not turning on your fireplace. Our VP of external relations, Doug Stout, explains further in this video.

  • We recognize that in some parts of BC it may be impractical to turn off thermostats due to cold weather. Even turning the temperature down as much as possible and reducing other natural gas usage will help.
  • Although FortisBC’s system is not damaged, we’re working hard to continue providing energy for your homes and businesses.

If you smell gas, you need to leave the area and call the FortisBC 24-hour natural gas emergency line at 1-800-663-9911 or 911. We’re monitoring the situation and will provide regular updates at

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