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The District of Mission published the 2019 Annual Report earlier this month.

Reflecting back on our many accomplishments in 2019, I can’t help but look at the impressive achievements outlined in this report through the lens of our current COVID-19 crisis.

With that, I see so clearly the many reasons why we have been able to weather the storm of this pandemic as strongly as we have.

While COVID-19 was certainly not a part of our reality while we were working back in 2019, our annual report represents the important groundwork of the resilient, forward looking community we are lucky to have today.

I encourage you to take a look at this report online at to read about our audited financial statements, and the many highlights and accomplishments that define Mission’s 2019.

From the awards and grants we won to meeting major milestones on projects like the Mission Waterfront Revitalization, the Annual Report is a favourite of mine because it captures the energy and essence of our growing community. I am very proud of the work that we’re doing.