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Canada Day is a significant time for many in our community. It’s a precious time we spend with our families and an important time to reflect on what it means to be Canadian.

This year, more than ever before, I feel the incredible power and honour of being Canadian and being able to call British Columbia home. The past few months have tested our leaders like nothing ever has. We are defined as a province by our leadership, and we are defined as a city by the actions of our Council, staff, businesses and citizens, and I couldn’t be prouder of everyone. We stood up to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic together. The hard work isn’t over, but we’ve made it this far and I thank you for your ongoing commitment to the safety of those in our community.

When I reflect on what it means to be Canadian, I think of what I see as Canadian values. To me, that means being welcoming to all, looking out for each other, supporting each other when we need it, being respectful and understanding, and standing up to inequality and discrimination to make a safe and inclusive society for everyone. I’m grateful to be Canadian.

It is a privilege to be in a leadership position at the District of Mission at this historic time. These last few months, more than ever before, strong leadership has been the key to navigating extremely challenging circumstances. I’m indebted to our medical leaders like Dr. Bonnie Henry, Dr. Victoria Lee and Dr. Theresa Tam for guiding us through uncertain times.

I wish you were able to join me at our beautiful Fraser River Heritage park for our usual Canada Day celebration, enjoying the family-friendly activities, seeing the performances, catching up with old friends and new, and, of course, sharing a piece of cake. But I’m hopeful next year we will be on site together again, and when we do, I’ll have the biggest smile when I see you.

Love to you all. Until next time.

Mayor Pam Alexis and Council