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The District of Mission is seeking applications for the Mission Community Heritage Commission.

What does a Community Heritage Commission Do?

A community heritage commission assists council with the management and implementation of community heritage conservation planning and activities. A community heritage commission may: advise local government on matters included in the commission’s terms of reference, advise local government on matters referred to it by local government, and/or undertake or support heritage activities authorized by local government.

Who serves on a Community Heritage Commission?

The Heritage Commission is looking for representatives from across our diverse community of Mission: Folks active in a Heritage Group, Indigenous Peoples, interested community members of all backgrounds, and those who have knowledge, interest and experience in the following areas are encouraged to apply as valuable members of the Commission: 

  • Heritage professionals – architect, landscape architect, consultant
  • Archaeologist, anthropologist, historian
  • Land use expertise – a developer, real estate person, planner
  • Environmental expertise – agriculture, forestry, environmental group
  • Education and the arts – an educator, post-secondary student, performance or visual artist
  • Representatives from community organizations with an interest in Heritage Conservation

Why Serve on a Community Heritage Commission?

Help conserve our community’s local heritage, enhance our community identity, emotional attachment and pride; promote continuity by sharing knowledge of our history and understanding of our past, build key heritage resources and promote awareness of heritage buildings in our community. Heritage conservation has important social, environmental and economic impacts benefiting residents, visitors, and our community at large.

Apply to become a member today!

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All members will either be local residents or will have strong ties to the community, and be willing to serve 2 years as a volunteer.