Mission, BC—Mission Council adopted a new strategic plan for the City of Mission on Monday night that will guide overall service delivery, investment decisions, and strategic focus areas.

The strategies outlined in the document will help the City fulfill its vision of being a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient community, where community members thrive and have a coveted quality of life.

“Effective strategic planning is critical to the long-term resilience of Mission because it ensures that we use our resources in a focused and accountable way,” said Mayor Paul Horn on behalf of Council.

The strategic plan charts Mission’s way forward with a focus on building foundations for a better future.

“By thinking about our future, Council and staff are dedicating themselves to ensuring the City can live up to expectations in core areas, beginning with emergency response and civic services. We know that we need to bring jobs and investment to Mission in order to balance our tax base and make it possible to live and work affordably here,” he said. “And, as our City grows, we know that people want to be out and enjoying time with one another, so our plan includes a focus on parks and recreation improvements as well.”

The plan outlines four strategic areas:

  1. Organizational Resourcing
  2. Parks and Recreation Facilities
  3. Industrial and Commercial Expansion
  4. Public Safety

These are the building blocks for thriving businesses, well-paying jobs, and a safe, family-friendly community with affordable housing options with desirable amenities and services.

“This plan represents a team approach,” Horn said. “With the benefit of our skilled staff facilitators, all of Council came together to build this made-in-Mission plan.  We have added important measurements and elements to ensure that we routinely review and report to the public on the plan.  It’s an ambitious, but doable plan, and we are excited to move forward with it.”

Find out more at mission.ca/strategic-plan.



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