Mission is switching to blue bins for curbside recycling. This means we’ll be delivering 120L blue bins to all homes and registered suites that receive curbside collection.

We’re hoping to receive the bins and be able to deliver them later this summer. We will be receiving a firm delivery timeline from the manufacturer over the next few weeks, after which we will publish a schedule for delivery.

In the meantime, here are the important details:

Unlimited recycling will continue with the switch to bins.

The municipality is providing 120L bins. Anyone needing more capacity can purchase a regular 80L to 120L curbside waste container and get a free blue sticker from the municipality to mark it as recycling bin.

Extra bins must have two rigid graspable handles, a removable (not hinged) tight-fitting lid, and be designed for manual curbside collection.

After the initial delivery we will assess whether we can offer additional bins to residents at cost.

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