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Mission, BC—Recent statements on social media regarding the future of Mission’s waterfront area contain misinformation that must be clarified in order to keep residents and stakeholders connected, engaged and up-to-date on the latest information impacting their community.

“We take misinformation about the District very seriously,” said Mayor Pam Alexis. “On behalf of Council, we value our relationships with residents and businesses, and hold true to our principles of being open and accountable with the public. We are dedicated to ensuring everyone has the facts they need to be informed about what’s happening in their community.”

Myth: The waterfront has a Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Fact: Mission’s waterfront does not have a comprehensive land use plan. Statements on social media suggest a comprehensive land use plan for the waterfront is already in place that will restrict industrial land use in favour of residential, this is not true.

Council has completed first and second readings of a bylaw to amend Mission’s Official Community Plan to add the Waterfront Comprehensive Planning Area designation to the Official Community Plan Bylaw. Further consideration of the bylaw will take place on Sept. 21.

If the Waterfront Comprehensive Planning Area bylaw amendment is passed by Council, a fulsome planning process would kick off, designed to ensure residents, landowners, business owners and other community stakeholders are consulted on how best to shape the Mission Waterfront in a land use plan.

Myth: The District is adding residential beside the Mission Raceway Park, which will force it to shut down

Fact: The Waterfront Comprehensive Planning Area does not include preconceptions on what types of land uses the waterfront will include. These uses and where they belong within the almost 300-acres of waterfront will be determined through a rigorous public consultation process. We anticipate a broad range of uses including industrial, commercial, office, recreation, park, marine, and mixed-use with residential in locations that make the most sense to the community.

Mission Raceway Park is private property and the District has no intention of shutting it down, nor can the District force a closure. The raceway’s existence is entirely up to Mission Raceway Park management. The raceway has long been recognized as a significant tourist attraction, economic driver for Mission, and a benefit to many businesses and residents.

Myth: The District is holding back current waterfront development applications in order to wait for land use planning, which is blocking needed job creation

Fact: To date, the District has not received a permit application, plan or technical information for a development proposal of waterfront lands.

The District of Mission has recently completed a number of technical studies, which confirm that the technical and servicing challenges to successfully develop the waterfront are such that no one landowner or developer can achieve alone. We have to work together to ensure the needs of all landowners and the broader community.

Creating local jobs is a priority for the District. In a District of Mission-led area planning process for the waterfront, a broad range of public interests will be fully considered, which includes aspects of a community most valued by residents, such as public river access, recreation opportunities, entertainment, and the creation of local jobs, and keeps them front of mind to create a plan that fits it all together.

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