The Mission Sustainability Housing Committee provides information and recommendations to Council concerning the ongoing challenges of affordable and sustainable housing impacting a broad array of Mission citizens, and identifies potential solutions for increasing available housing options and attracting affordable housing developers.


  • Utilize the good work done as part of the Affordable Housing 2009-2010 workshops as a foundation and launching point;
  • Develop a plan to address the shortage of affordable housing rental units in Mission;
  • Research affordable housing incentives for developers;
  • Investigate the legal implications of providing incentives to landlords providing affordable rental units;
  • Data compilation and a systematic response to tracking trends to better understand demand, supply and the needs of various population types;
  • Advise Council on progress and bring recommendations forward as needed;
  • Appoint additional working groups as needed, to address actions arising from the committee;
  • Report quarterly to Council on its activities through the Social Development Manager and/or the Manager of Long Range Planning and Special Projects; and
  • Promote awareness of the importance of affordable housing within the community.

Terms of Reference

Click here to view the Committee’s Terms of Reference


The District of Mission is currently looking to fill two vacant positions on the MSHC.  Eligible members will either be a local resident or will be a housing provider, builder, or agency with strong ties to the community.  You must have the appropriate qualifications, availability, work experience, and knowledge to be able to identify potential solutions for increasing available housing options and attracting affordable housing developers.  Additionally, you must be willing to serve in a volunteer role with commitment to attending eight meetings per year, plus up to five additional hours per month for the purposes of training, research, and Committee business.  If you are interested in applying, please see the Terms of Reference and click on the link below to apply.

Membership Application Form

Next meeting

Thursday, September 5, 2019 in Conference Room #2 at 7337 Welton Street, Mission, BC