Development Services


The Development Services Department represents the municipality on a wide range of issues relating to planning and land use development, as well as the administration and enforcement of  various regulatory bylaws.

The Development Services Department provides services designed to shape future development by ensuring orderly and safe growth within the District. The Department is comprised of Building Permits and Inspections, Business Licences, Bylaw Enforcement, administration of the Animal Control contractor, the Planning Division, and Public Transit.

Director of Development Services Dan Sommer 604-820-3747
Manager of Planning Rob Publow 604-820-3706
Manager of Long Range Planning and Special Projects Ken Bourdeau 604-820-3730
Manager of Inspection Services Guy Gusdal 604-820-5374

Building Permits and Inspections

Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3726 • Fax: 604-826-7951

The Building Division is primarily responsible for ensuring that the current building code is complied with, along with other building regulations, including the Municipal Building Bylaw. The Division is involved in building permits and inspections, and business licensing.

Business Licences

Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3727 • Fax: 604-826-7951

Business Licences are required for all businesses within the District of Mission.  Any activity or undertaking providing a professional, personal or other service for the purposes of gain or profit requires a valid business licence.

Bylaw Enforcement

Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3727 • Fax: 604-826-7951

The Bylaw Enforcement Division of the Development Services Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the various regulatory bylaws of the Municipality. Some of the areas of responsibility include: complaints and parking enforcement.

The Bylaw Enforcement Division seeks to gain compliance with municipal regulatory bylaw requirements by: informing, educating and as a last resort, by using the enforcement process. Enforcement of the District of Mission bylaws is a complaint generated system, with the exception of imminent life safety issues.

Dog Licences & Animal Control

Dog licensing and animal control services are delivered by the Fraser Valley Regional District’s Community Animal Response & Education (CARE) program.


Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3748 • Fax: 604-826-7951

As the District of Mission grows and changes, Planning supports and oversees the functions of community wide land-use planning and site specific development planning. Planning is primarily responsible for managing growth and development through the administration of applicable land use bylaws and policies adopted by Council.