Land Development


The following land development applications summarize the primary responsibilities of the District of Mission Planning Department. The links will provide you an understanding of development procedures and outline the overall development process. If you wish to proceed with a development application or require any clarification, please contact the Planning Department at 604-820-3748 or by email at


Before Submitting a Development Application

The preliminary step to all development involves a pre-application review (PAR) meeting to discuss the applicant’s initial proposal.

The applicant must complete the Pre-Application Review (PAR)  Form and arrange to be put on the next available PAR meeting agenda.  Meetings are held every two weeks as shown in the 2019 PAR SCHEDULE

The planning department staff as well as other relevant District of Mission employees will attend a Development Application Review Team (DART) meeting to discuss your application and identify any specific information that may be required for your development. Staff will then contact you with your PAR meeting date to attend. A letter will be sent to you outlining a variety of information that you will need to submit for your application.

Submitting a Development Application

The  LAN.41 Guide To Land Development is the District of Mission Policy that outlines all the necessary information for the development of land.  It includes an application form as well as a checklist for required items.  This is required for all types of development.

The following links take you to specific areas of the Guide to Land Development for the following types of development:

Rezoning (Zoning Bylaw Amendment)

Development Permits

Development Variance Permits


The necessary forms for your application can be found at Regulations and Forms

For a quick reference view the brochures below.


Rezoning Brochure

Rezoning Brochure_Page_1








Rezoning Brochure_Page_2












Subdivision Brochure

Subdivision Brochure_Page_1




Subdivision Brochure_Page_2















Planning Regulations and Forms

Planning Regulations and Forms (available here)