Mission Waterfront


In 2017, Council supported a major project to develop a Waterfront Revitalization Pre-development Strategy that will establish a clear and targeted approach to advance the redevelopment efforts and undertake additional technical studies to further determine the extent of constraints on the Waterfront lands. This project is funded through a grant of approximately $500,000 from the Strategic Priorities Fund (Federal Gas Tax Fund).

During this initial phase of the project the steering committee is actively engaging with landowners, First Nations, government and non-governmental agencies, and revitalization and development experts to identify opportunities, challenges, and priorities.

Revitalization VS Redevelopment

Redevelopment is generally used to refer to transforming buildings or land from previous uses or structures to new ones. Revitalization is comprehensive in scope and looks at transforming areas that are derelict or underutilized to provide new infrastructure (roads, services, parks, etc.)  land use and development. Revitalization breathes new life into entire cities or communities – far beyond the physical boundaries of the area being transformed

Waterfront Revitalization Resources

These resources offer interesting and inspiring insights and examples of waterfront revitalization that have formed part of the planning process for Mission’s Waterfront Revitalization Effort.

Introductory Presentation

This narrated presentation was prepared as an introduction to the Waterfront Revitalization project for Council and stakeholders.

Short-term Development and Use

We all recognize the potential and the entire community has a vested interest in our waterfront. While we all want to see revitalization occur, in the interim we are not supporting new development or uses that are permanent in nature or further frustrate global revitalization efforts in the future.

We appreciate the support of Council, landowners, the community, and the Government of Canada as we move ward with this process that respects the OCP, engages directly with landowners, Indigenous communities and the public, and addresses the global concerns we must meet together to achieve success.

We anticipate beginning land-use planning in 2020, at which point we will develop the plans and phasing required to support active development on the waterfront.